PT. Padi Mandiri Valuta Now Accepts Cashless Payments

We are excited to announce a new service in our efforts to make currency exchange easier for you.  In partnership with GoValuta and Faspay, we\’ve rolled out a new payment system for the FIRST TIME in Indonesia whereby you can pay cashlessly.


Thanks to this partnership, it is now possible to use your debit or credit card to receive local cash at our branches across Bali.  This way, the overall exchange rate and charges are usually significantly less than using your cards at a local Bali ATM.  

For security, a card transaction is only conducted when you scan a QR code sticker displayed in our stores 

You will be guided through each step and notified of the exact charges before paying.  

So, say goodbye to the unknown and often exorbitant administrative fees ATM operators impose and the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fees some retailers charge at the point of sale.  

While there are still fees associated with using this cashless payment facility, these fees will be openly disclosed to you BEFORE making a payment, in contrast to using your debit or credit card at ATMs. 

However, you can rest easy knowing that your card association (such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) determines the rate at which your home currency will be converted to IDR, which is better than the rates provided by local banks!




Please visit us at our branch and then follow the steps below:

  1. First, confirm the amount you need to exchange with our staff.
  2. Pindai kode QR
  3. Confirm the branch is correct and enter the amount you\’ve agreed to pay.
  4. Sign in or enter your email address to get a payment status notification.
  5. Pilih metode pembayaran yang Anda inginkan.
  6. Recheck the final amount and complete your bank\’s authorisation process.
  7. Tunjukkan bukti pembayaran kepada staf kami untuk melanjutkan dengan pertukaran mata uang.

I was always worried about going to ATMs to get local cash. Now with GoValuta, i can come straight to you and pay directly using my credit card. How convenient! - Max Franklinn

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