Most frequent questions and answers

In partnership with Govaluta , we are excited to announce our new service, allowing our customers to order an exchange of foreign currency notes online securely and subsequently conveniently collecting their Indonesian Rupiah or foreign currency notes from the branch it was booked with. For you to be able to use this service, you must either have a Facebook or Google account and a valid mobile phone number able to receive SMS messages for verification purposes.

No, there is no service charge for booking.
However, if a credit or debit card is used for payment there will be a processing charge that you will be told exactly how much it is before you commit to making the payment.

A credit or debit card that is accepted by Faspay. Currently, this includes Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express cards.

There is a minimum limit, which is currently 5000 Indonesian Rupiah

The collection is normally the same day as making a booking, but you may be able to extend this at your convenience by arranging and confirming this with the branch you have booked with. We recommend using the messaging facility which is available during the booking process as this will give you a record of the extension requested and granted.

Yes. You can both  buy and sell foreign currency notes through the booking service, though a particular branch may not support both of these exchange services.

Sementara pesanan Anda sedang menunggu persetujuan, Anda dapat mengkomunikasikan persyaratan khusus Anda dengan kami menggunakan fitur pesan instan bawaan. Harap perhatikan bahwa meskipun kami melakukan segala upaya untuk memenuhi permintaan denominasi, itu tidak selalu mungkin, dan karena itu, kami tidak dapat menjamin permintaan Anda. Jika kami tidak dapat memberikan apa yang Anda minta, kami akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk memastikannya sedekat mungkin dengan permintaan Anda.

Yes. You will receive notification via email once you have made your order and the order has been accepted by the branch.

We are required to conduct customer due diligence for larger orders of IDR, in accordance with Centarl Bank of Indonesia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Guideline. Hence, while ordering online, you may be requested to provide the following information to help us fulfill the requirement as set out by law:

Full name as stated in your official Identification Document (ID) e.g. IC, KTP or Passport

We recognise the importance of protecting personal information in accordance with the Indonesia Personal Data Protection Act 2016 and any other applicable local personal data protection laws, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines. Visit our privacy and policy page for detail information www.padimandiri.co.id/privacy-policy

If you place an order after store close time, the status of your will be set as Pending Approval until the next day when our team can process your order.  

Kolektor yang tercantum dalam rincian kolektor saat memesan, harus mengumpulkan catatan fisik di cabang yang dipilih. Tidak ada koleksi pihak ketiga yang diizinkan. 

Jika rincian pengumpul berbeda dari rincian dalam sistem, kami memiliki hak untuk mencari dokumen alternatif atau melanjutkan untuk membatalkan transaksi sesuai kebijakan kami.

Please show the email from  Govaluta  that contains the order details including Booking Number, together with your identification document. Both of these must match with the collector’s details captured during order placement. Customer verification will be performed at the branch and the officer will pass the foreign currency notes to you once the verification is successful.

Anda dapat mengumpulkannya di cabang yang dipilih saat memesan.

Yes. If you wish to cancel your order, you must do it X days/hours before the collection date (excluding the state of Z public holidays).

In order to cancel your order, you should make a request via emailing us at padimandiri@yahoo.com. The email shall include your:

  • full name
  • KTP or passport number
  • booking number
  • mobile phone number
  • the payment confirmation receipt along with the bank account number of the bank account used by you to make an online payment .

Yes. All the charges we incur to transfer the funds to you electronically  (e.g., Faspay and/or bank charges) will be deducted from the total refund amount

The total refund amount will be calculated based on the lowest rate by comparing the original sell rate during ordering and our prevailing buying rate on the cancellation date. If a card was used to purchase Indonesian Rupiah directly, the refund will be net of any bank and processing charges.